Continuous development in Greece and abroad

AIRTECHNIC HATZOUDIS E.P.E. is a constantly growing company operating in Greece and abroad, with many years of experience and top, modern solutions for the whole range of Air Management (Air Conditioning, Ventilation, Cooling, Heating, Filtration, Hygiene).

The AIRTECHNIC factory is located in Thiva, on a privately owned plot of 24 acres, with production areas of 11.000 m², equipped with state-of-the-art technological means and automated production lines, which make it the largest production factory in the field of Air Conditioning - Ventilation in Greece. The production process is certified by SWISS APPROVAL according to ISO 9001: 2015, by TUV Rheinland according to ISO 14001: 2015 and the products bear the CE mark. AIRTECHNIC products are fully compliant with Ecodesign requirements and ErP guidelines, keeping pace with developments in the field of energy saving.

The headquarters, warehouses and technical support department of the company are based in Athens, while in 2018 we inaugurated the new branch of the company in Thessaloniki with production areas of 5.500 m².

The company employs more than 95 people, of which 24% are scientific staff and has 8 privately owned vehicles for the distribution of products in Greece, the Balkans and Cyprus.


AIRTECHNIC manufactures and distributes in the Greek and International market

Air Handling Units certified according to EUROVENT, Cooling Towers, Air Filtration & Deodorizing Units, ECOLOGY UNITS, Air Filters, Electrostatic Filters, Active Carbon & Alumina Filters, Stainless Chimneys, Axial & Centrifugal Heaters, Axial & Centrifugal Fans, Fan Sections, Heat Exchangers, Airduct Dehumidifiers, Automation Systems, Sensors, Thermostats, Variable Speed Drives, Electrical Panels, Smart Ventilation Systems with AIRZONE zones, Sound Attenuators, Air Outlets, Round, Oval, Smooth & Helical seam, single & double layer, Flexible and Fabric Airducts, Multi-leaf Dampers, Fire & Smoke Dampers, Central Vacuum Systems, Cooling Units, Airduct Insulation etc.

In addition to the products it manufactures, AIRTECHNIC

has VENTS, SODECA, AWENTA, SISTEVEN, BVN, VORTICE, CASALS, CATA, HELIOS, ZIEHL-ABEGG, ROSENBERG, ECOFIT, NICOTRA, COMEFRI, EUROVENTILATORI and VENPLAST Fans. VORTICE, AIRTECNICS and OLEFINI Air Curtains. AERTECNICA Central Vacuum System. RYDAIR (Singapore) Electrostatic Filters (exclusively for Europe and all Mediterranean countries). MGT (Turkey) Air Filters. KRANTZ (Germany) and BROFER (Italy) Special Air Outlets. AFS (Turkey) Flexible Airducts. METU (Germany) Airduct Installation Equipment. FABRIC AIR (Denmark) Fabric Airducts. EUROPAN (Italy) Polyurethane Airducts. HYGROMATIC (Germany) and ELSTEAM (France) Steam Humidifiers. BREEZAIR (Australia) Evaporative Ventilation Units (exclusively for the Balkans), ΒSB and HVC (England) και BROFER (Italy) Fire Dampers, AIRBRAVO (Italy) Exhaust Ventilation & Extraction Arms. DANTHERM and AERIAL (Germany), MICROWELL (Slovenia) and CUOGHI (Italy) Dehumidifiers.


Our Company's Engineers

offer complete solutions in homes, business and industrial areas, hospitals, professional kitchens, public buildings, public and private pools etc., taking into account all modern energy standards, while optimizing the relationship between efficiency and cost.


Many years of experience, expertise and reliability

Quality assurance procedures, scientific staff, modern equipment, speed and consistency in delivery times combined with low cost, make us one of the leading presences in the field of Air Conditioning & Ventilation Systems.

Our expert Engineers present in the Commercial Department, the Product Promotion & Technical Support Department, the Production Department and the Quality Assurance Department are always at your disposal to solve any problem in matters such as:

Air Conditioning, Ventilation, Automation Systems, Energy Recovery, Sound Damping & Insulation etc.

Our goals:

  • To approach the needs of each customer to the maximum extent.
  • To reliably solve any kind of customer problem.
  • The continuous research, evolution and development of innovative and flawless products.
  • The use and application of new technologies in order to reap the benefits our customers seek.
  • To maintain market flexibility and immediacy in customer relations.