DM450N & DM900N

For false ceiling plate

Electronic air cleaners, with UVC germicidal irradiator of the DM series, are the ideal solution for ensuring a clean indoor environment in professional areas such as offices, bars, restaurants, school classrooms, clubs, in smoking areas, clinics, medical institutions, etc..



  • Infrared remote control.
  • Collect dust particles from 0.01 microns and up.
  • Efficiency up to 95%.
  • UV germicidal lamps to eliminate germs and bacteria.
  • Washable main filters and pre-filters. Optional carbon filter for odour control.
  • Made of 1.0 mm thick galvanized sheet, with epoxy paint.
  • Re-circulates clean indoor air without any loss of airconditioning or heating in the room. Dirty air intake in one direction and clean air discharge in 3 directions.
  • Single-phase 3-speed motor.
  • Anion generator for revitalizing indoor air.
  • For strong odors such as cigarette smoke, UV Ozone lamps can be used on request. No carbon filter required.